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Sacramental Preparation

Year 4 are invited to take part in preparation for two Sacraments this academic year, Reconciliation and Holy Communion.  All children, Catholic and non-Catholic, are invited to participate in the preparation and, as always at St. Peter’s, the non-Catholic children who wish to participate will be able to take part in the celebration even though they will not receive the Sacraments.

 Monday, 1st October  6.00pm (School Hall)

 Sacramental Workshop 1

  • Come to the water
  • Called by name

 (Some to be completed at Church and  returned  to Mass on by Sunday, 4th  November)

 Monday, 12th November  6.00pm (School Hall)

 Sacramental Workshop 2

  • Come back to me

To be completed and brought to Sunday Mass by Sunday, 2nd  December)

 During school time, children will complete their preparation for First  Reconciliation.

 Saturday, 1st December /  Saturday, 8th December

 Parents must take their child to Church to  receive their First Reconciliation.

 Monday, 17th December  6.00pm (Church)  Family Celebration of Reconciliation and  enrolment for Communion with carols.
 Monday, 14th January
 (School Hall)

 Sacramental Workshop 3

  • A new way of living
  •  Teach us to pray (To be completed and brought  to Sunday Mass by 3rd February)

 Monday, 4th March  6.00pm (School Hall)

 Sacramental Workshop 4

  • Jesus brings us together

 To be completed and brought to Sunday Mass  by 17th March)

 During school time, children will complete their preparation:

  • Jesus calls us to follow him
  •  Preparation for Celebration of Communion 

 Saturday, 27th April 6.30pm  Sunday, 28th April 10am  (Church) 

 Presentation for Communion at Parish Mass

 Saturday, 18th May 9.30am  (Church)

 Celebration of  Communion followed by  Communion Breakfast in school
 Thursday, 27th June  Celebration Day in School for the children

Please contact Fr. Gildea on: 812443 if you have any difficulties with these dates.

Sacramental Information Letter

Mass Times over Easter

18th April, Holy Thursday - 7.30pm

19th April, Good Friday - 3pm

20th April, Holy Saturday Vigil - 6.30pm

21st April, Easter Sunday - 10am

Sacramental Programme 2018-2019

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