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Reading Plus

Reading Plus is a web-based reading scheme that uses technology to provide individualised scaffolded silent reading practice for students in years 3-6. It aims to develop and improve students' silent reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. All children are individually assessed and each have a programme designed to ensure that progression is made. Children are able to choose their own texts and rate them afterwards. Children are also informed when they log on of the progress they are making, giving them a visual aide to want to improve.

St. Peter's have chosen to use Reading Plus to:

  • Compliment reading that is already taking place in school
  • Encourage reluctant readers to have ownership of their own reading and progression
  • To further develop fluency and sight-reading skills, as well as vocabulary

How do we use Reading Plus?

Each year group are asked to complete a set number of comprehensions and vocabulary sessions in a week. (For example, Year 6 are asked to complete 2 vocabulary sessions and 6 comprehensions.) These are carried out as homework, a session during school reading time and as a morning work session. The comprehensions are designed to take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and are expected to achieve 80% or more. The speed of the text is set by the programme automatically and is based on their initial assessment results and will change over time based on their progress and achievements.

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