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The intention of the Physical Education at St. Peter’s is to promote children to be healthy in body and in mind. We want our children to be strong, fit and active. To participate in sport and enjoy all it has to offer. To learn, through sport showing sporting behaviour and never giving up. We want our children to be healthy; to have a healthy image of themselves as individuals, and to recognise that we are all unique. For our children to grow up to be happy, resilient, responsible, confident and independent.

In EYFS our children develop their fine and gross motor skills in order to participate in a non-sport specific team and individual games.

At KS1 we aim to provide children with the foundations to become adept at a wide range of sporting activities through a fundamental skill based approach to PE.

In KS2 we combine the knowledge and skills developed at KS1 with a more specific approach to allow the children to access more competitive team /individual sport and leadership possibilities such as: gymnastics, football, cross country and netball.

We have very strong links with many clubs in our local community including Warrington Wolves, Warrington Athletics and Warrington Town Netball Club. These links enable our children to take their PE skills and love of sport further with specialist coaches and like- minded children across the borough. An important part of PE delivery at St. Peter’s is teaching all pupils the importance of looking after their own body and well- being, and the benefits of exercise and a balanced diet has on this.



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In Eary Years Foundation Stage P.E. comes under the skill 'Physical Development'. This charts a child's development from birth until they enter the National Curriculum in Year 1. Please see the document below which outlines the children's stages of development in this area.

Whole School Curriculum Overview and Progression of Skills

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