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Governor Blog 2020 - 2021

Since the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown in early March 2020, when school buildings closed to all but critical/key workers' children and vulnerable children, education of the rest of the children continued as home learning. In September 2020 children were able to return to school in class "bubbles" until recently in January 2021, with lockdown 3 arrangements where schools are only open as they were before in March.  Governors have continued to have responsibilites  throughout this time including keeping up to date with legislation and regulations relating to the education and safeguarding of the children of St Peter's Catholic Primary School.  

During the autumn term the Governors have:

  • Chair and Co Chair attended conference call with Warrington Chairs of Governors and Local Authority (LA) Assistant Head of Service, Achievement and Inclusive Education to discuss issues relating to school after summer break during this year of covid pandemic disruption
  • Governors have access to LA daily covid briefings to understand local issues and are encouraged to read these on Warrington LA "My School Services"
  • Chair and Headteacher maintain regular contact to inform and discuss issues, which are shared with governors as appropriate either by email, phone calls or through meetings
  • Continued to follow government guidelines to modify meeting agendas for essential issues only due to covid. Governors have taken a pragmatic approach to meeetings and all have been virtual/online via zoom, including the postponed interview and appointment of deputy head 
  • Appointed Sharon Davies as Deputy Head, as above
  • Attended Full Governing Body planning meeting
  • Attended Pay committee meeting
  • Completed a skills audit to identify skills gaps and training needs
  • Attended Quality of Education meeting
  • Attended Finance committee meeting
  • Monitored Safeguarding through online discussions and reports
  • Attended Full Governing Body Meeting
  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitude meeting incorporated into the Full Governing Body meeting due to covid restrictions
  • Ratified policies: Teacher's Pay Policy, Safeguarding and Behaviour Policy
  • Adopted and approved use of Liverpool Archdiocese Governors code of conduct
  • Received Headteacher's update and report regarding what was in place through lockdown and any issues arising
  • Received report of St Peter's School Improvement Partner (SIP) with Archdiocese of Liverpool Primay School Improvement Trust (ALPSIT). Focus was on evaluation of meeting Ofsted criteria for an outstanding school and being ready for imminent Ofsted visit
  • School Improvement Plan has new priorities for 2020-2021
  • Governors link to subject and move towards more contact with subject leaders (online and socially distanced through pandemic)
  • Monitored Headteacher and staff wellbeing throughout the pandemic
  • Discussed report of St Peter's Health and Wellbeing Survey of staff
  • Subscribed to Warrington Governor forum and nominated a representative although all governors are invited to attend
  • Governor training undertaken: New Governor Induction parts 1 & 2, The governors role monitoring, supporting and challenging


Due to covid restrictions, governors have been unable to attend, as part of the wider parish and school community, any in school and related social activities. However governors are able to keep in touch with St Peter's School, parish and local community via St Peter's School and Church websites, school, church and local Facebook pages, St Peter's twitter. For example photos of Year 2 pupils visit to the local war memorial and a Remembrance day assembly, video on school website of St Peter's singing 'Slade' which is traditionally sung by pupils, parents, governors and community at school Christmas Assembly. 


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