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Governor Blog 2019 - 2020



During the autumn term the Governors have:

  • attended Full Governing Body planning meeting
  • met parents at the Meet the Teacher evening
  • attended Pay committee meeting
  • completed a skills audit
  • monitored activites during Health and Wellbeing week
  • monitored Safeguarding
  • taken part in a learning walk around the school monitoring behaviour and attitude of children towards their work
  • attended Full Governing Body meeting
  • attended Quality of Education meeting
  • attended Finance committe meetings
  • attended Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitude meeting
  • attended Head Teacher Performance Management review
  • attended Governor Forum with topic Pupil Premium
  • attended ASP (Analyse School Performance) training
  • attended Ofsted Readiness training
  • attended IDSR (Inspection Data Summary Report) training
  • attended SFVS (Schools Financial Value Standard)  training 
  • accepted Roy Bostock's resignation after many years of being a governor at St Peter's 
  • welcomed Joanne Cullen as a Foundation Governor
  • welcomed Sharon Davies as a Staff Governor


As part of the wider parish and school community governors have also:

  • attended school celebration assemblies on Friday mornings
  • attended MacMillan coffee morning
  • helped with First Communion programme in Year 4
  • attended Mass at St. Peter's Church with the children
  • attended Mass in school to celebrate the start of Advent
  • attended Harvest Assembly
  • attended the Fab-u-lous Key Stage 1 Christmas Show - Lights, Camel, Action 2 - The Sequin


During the Spring Term the Governors have:

  • attended Quality of Education meeting
  • attended Finance committe meetings
  • attended Pay committe meeting
  • attended Admissions committee meeting
  • monitored Curriculum Intent and Subject Leader Reports
  • attended Safeguarding training update and familiarisation with the safeguarding policy
  • completed Prevent Duty government online training (required under the The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015)
  • attended Defibrillator training update
  • attended Schools Financial Value Standard 'A New Direction' facilitated by Finance Dept. W.B.C.
  • attended Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) update at Liverpool Archdiocese (LACE)

As part of the wider parish and school community governors have also:

  • helped with First Communion programme in Year 4
  • attended school celebration assemblies on Friday mornings


Since the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown in early March and from March 20th 2020, when school buildings closed to all but critical/key workers' children and vulnerable children, education of the rest of the children continues as home learning. 

Governors continue to have responsibilities throughout this time, including keeping up to date with legislation and regulations relating to the education and safeguarding of the children of St Peter's Catholic Primary School. 

During this time the Governors have:

  • Taken advice of Liverpool Archdiocese and postponed interview for Deputy Head until it is safe to do so
  • Taken emergency decisions regarding extending the Acting Deputy Head contract through the lockdown until it is safe to interview and resolving staffing issues due to the appointment of Deputy Head as Head Teacher of St Thomas of Canterbury in St Helens
  • Made arrangements for who would take over as Chair and/ or Vice Chair if current Governors in those positions became unavailable (as requifed by DfE)
  • Initial planning meetings by video conferencing
  • Reviewed, agreed and submitted to Local Authority Finance: Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)
  • Signed up for daily government COVID-19 briefing updates
  • From 7th April shared, via email, COVID-19 daily briefing notes for Warrington Schools from Paula Warburton, Director or Early Help, Education and Send. Shared governor comments and discussion
  • Advised of revised financial deadlines
  • Advised that non-urgent business be delayed until firther notice
  • Head teacher and Chair have at least weekly update phone calls. Governors kept informed via email
  • Head Teacher provided: written report to governors of staff work during closure to 29th April and summary of DfE guidance to schools
  • Monitored Head teacher and staff well being through this period
  • Virtual Finance Committee meeting
  • Attended National Governors Association (NGA) 30 minute webinars - 'Governors through coronavirus',' Governing boards as employers - what does COVID-19 mean for you' and 'Disadvantage - consideration for the boards response to widening attainment gap'
  • Completed NGA annual survey of Governors
  • Kept up to date via school website, facebook and twitter. 
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