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Information Regarding Admission To St. Peter's in September 2022

Meet Our Head Teacher - Mrs Lea

Mrs Lea

Mrs Lea is our very hands-on Headteacher! She loves coming down to Foundation Stage on a regular basis to see all the fun things that they are learning and even likes to go out to play with the children on a Friday afternoon. Whenever Foundation Stage make food, Mrs Lea always likes to have a sample. She holds a celebration assembly with all the parents every Friday morning. Mrs Lea loves going for runs and spending time with her friends and family. The staff are currently trying to convince her to get a school dog, but so far this is not happening!

Useful Information and Documents

Meet the Teachers

Mrs Wharton - Foundation Stage Teacher

Mrs Wharton

Mrs Wharton is our very kind and caring Foundation Stage teacher. She will support all the children in their learning journey in EYFS at St. Peter's. Mrs Wharton loves going for runs and bike rides, and in the summer months can often be found in Wales at her caravan.

Mrs Rowlinson - Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rowlinson

Mrs Rowlinson is our very experienced Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant. She always has the best interests of the children at heart and tries to think of fun activities for them to do, especially if it includes art and crafts! Mrs Rowlinson enjoys taking her dog, Buzz, for walks, so don't forget to wave if you see her on her travels.

To meet the other staff in our school, please go to the tab 'Our School - Staff'.

Guidance to Parents

Please carefully read the Guidance to Parents as it contains all the information you should need in regards to your child starting school, including our expectations for behaviour, school uniform, the PPTA and the Church Levy.

School Readiness

All the documents in this section will help to prepare you and your child for starting St. Peter's in September.

School Uniform

At. St. Peter's we are proud of our school uniform and how smart our children look when wearing it. All of our uniform that contains our school logo can be ordered from Touchline UK. 

Our uniform consists of;

  • Grey trousers (grey shorts from Easter)
  • Grey skirt or pinafore
  • White shirt (short or long sleeved, but most children find the short sleeved shirts easier to get on and off for P.E.)
  • A maroon and gold striped tie
  • A maroon jumper with the school logo
  • Black shoes (preferably velcro)
  • Grey socks or white socks/ grey tights

P.E. Kit

  • Black t-shirt with the logo on
  • Maroon shorts
  • A black hoodie (optional) with the school logo on (gold initials optional)
  • Trainers (velcro)

What does your child need to bring to school?

At. St. Peter's we provide the majority of the equipment that your child needs. We ask that your child brings into school;

  • A St. Peter's book bag (please attach a small keyring to make your child's book bag easily identifiable)
  • Their P.E. kit (clearly labelled with their name) in a small drawstring bag
  • A water bottle (clearly labelled with their name)
  • If you think your child requires sun cream (if it is a hot, sunny day) please make sure this is applied before school, as we are not allowed to apply it for them.

School Meals

The children in Foundation Stage are entitled to a free lunch every day. The lunch menu is posted termly under the Parent Information tab. If your child would struggle to eat a school lunch, they may bring a packed lunch of their choosing.

Children are able to purchase toast and a drink (either milk or juice) at the beginning of each week. (Toast is £1.25 and toast and juice is £2.50) Alternatively, they can bring in their own healthy snack. On a Friday they are allowed to bring a treat such as a biscuit or crisps.

Children are also provided with a piece of fruit during afternoon break.

Every child in Foundation Stage and KS1 is entitled to a free school meal each day. If you would prefer for your child NOT to receive this, please fill in the form below.

If your child has any special dietary requirements, such as allergies or is on a specified medical diet, please fill in the form below.

Assessment and Tapestry

When you visit Foundation Stage with your child to meet the teachers, you will have the opportunity to discuss how we assess your child in Foundation Stage and the use of the online learning journal, Tapestry, and we (and you!) use it to record your child's learning journey during their time in EYFS at St. Peter's.

Twitter and Facebook

Please follow our school pages on Facebook and Twitter. The links to these can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of our website by clicking on the icons.

Useful Websites

Please click on the images below to be taken to the various websites which will help support your child's learning and transition.

Hungry Little MindsBBC Bitesize(1)Easy PeasyLove My BooksPhonics PlayNumber BlocksAlpha Blocks(1)

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