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Weekly Awards

Displaying Excellent Learning Behaviour - W/E 20.03.20

Foundation Stage: Nate Hubble

Year 1: Joseph Hampson

Year 2: Romeesa Hanif, Arthur Greenfield

Year 3: Ben Daintith

Year 4: Isobel Norris

Year 5: Grace Newton

Year 6: Ankita Raju, Abigail Van Der Mijl

Showing Great Investigative Skills in Science - W/E 13.03.20

Foundation Stage: Nancy Southworth

Year 1: Finley Platt

Year 2: Amelia Caldwell, Isabelle Howey

Year 3: Kobe Gabbott

Year 4: Ruben Evans-Guillen

Year 5: Lily Syers

Year 6: Neve Evans

Excellent Contributions During World Book Day - W/E 06.03.20

Foundation Stage: Betsy Moffett

Year 1: Evie Bottrill

Year 2: Layla McLaughlin, Hunter Scott

Year 3: Alice Dakin

Year 4: Ewan Armstrong

Year 5: Thomas Swift

Year 6: Luke Brinksman

Effort and Enthusiasm in Music - W/E 28.02.20

Foundation Stage: Reuben de Polo

Year 1: Henry Bell

Year 2: Thomas Muir

Year 3: Oliver Brinksman

Year 4: Leilah Strong

Year 5: George Hubble

Year 6: Imogen Hancox-Critchley

Always Living Out St. Peter's Values - W/E 14.02.20

Foundation Stage: Elliot Russell

Year 1: Lukas Taaffe

Year 2: Neve Sinnott, Ava Rose Hayes

Year 3: Bella Healey

Year 4: Izzy Cullen

Year 5: Emma Hampson, Jacob Hill

Year 6: Maddie Warburton

Effort and Enthusiasm in Computing - W/E 07.02.20

Foundation Stage: Liza Rodnova

Year 1: Arthur Evans

Year 2: Georgie Buckley

Year 3: Finley Hill

Year 4: Lucy Critchley

Year 5: Thomas Swift

Year 6: Miles Callen

Thoughtful Contributions To Come and See - W/E 31.01.20

Foundation Stage: Olivia Mather

Year 1: Eva Niewiadomski

Year 2: Freddie Chriscoli, Ella Pidgeon

Year 3: Lola Farrelly

Year 4: Alexander Howey

Year 5: Charlotte Pitteway

Year 6: Isla Gargan

Good Use of Spelling Strategies - W/E 24.01.20

Good Use of Phonics in Writing

Foundation Stage: Gabriella Proctor

Good Use of Spelling Strategies

Year 1: Lily-Mae Wightman

Year 2: Leo Penketh, Joseph Jolley

Year 3: Ruby Clare

Year 4: Eva Clayton

Year 5: Ethan Niewiadomski

Year 6: Leo Rae

Geography/History - W/E 17.01.20

The World - A Mini-beast Hunt

Foundation Stage: Mila Doyle


Year 1: Emily Ball

Year 2: Thomas Muir

Year 3: Izzy Sinnott

Year 4: Zach McWilliams

Year 5: Emma Hampson

Year 6: Annie Flower

Good Use of Grammar - W/E 10.01.20

Good Use of Phonics

Foundation Stage: Alice Van Der Mijl

Good USe of Grammar

Year 1: Eva Slater

Year 2: Eva Abram, Max Egan

Year 3: HAva-Mae Buckley

Year 4: Ruby Leicester

Year 5: INeeav Bonsall

Year 6: Dominic Ledden, Isabelle Houghton

w/e 13.12.19

Foundation Stage: Lexie Plummer for Showing Great Talent Making Christmas Decorations in Our Elf School.

Year 1: Aaron Wilkinson for Fantastic Effort In Our Bike Ability Session.

Year 2: Jude Rodgers for Always Giving 110% To Everything - His Excellent Attitude To Learning Makes Him A Role Model To Others.

Year 3: Jordan Russell for Developing His Confidence To Introduce Our Class Assembly - Miss Arrans Is Very Proud!

Year 4: Harrison Dakin for Showing Great Enthusiam During Our Reconciliation Mass Practises.

Year 5: Callum Heptinstall for Letting His Light Shine and Performing With Confidence in Gospel.

Daniel Platt for Working Really Hard In Year 5 - His Progress Has Shone Through In His Assessments.

Year 6: Ankita Raju for Outstanding Achievement in Her Assessments.

Costandina Mallouris for Being An Excellent Role Model In All She Does - St. Peter's Will Miss Her!

Science - W/E 06.12.19

Showing Good Understanding of the World Foundation Stage: Harry Glover


Year 1: Lois Chan

Year 2: Charlie Heptinstall

Year 3: Aiden Nichols

Year 4: Rudra Basu

Year 5: Guy Forster

Year 6: Daniel McLaughlin 

Judaism Week - w/e 15.11.19

Foundation Stage: Layla Knapper

Year 1: Leah Cockett

Year 2: Eddie Southworth

Year 3: Harry Bloomfield-Lucy

Year 4: Charlie Wrigley

Year 5: Izabel Donnelly

Year 6: Abigail Van Der Mijl 

Positive Contributions to 'The Arts' - w/e 08.11.19

Foundation Stage: Joshua Dunn

Year 1: Elsa Atkinson & Seth Bridge-Hoyland

Year 2: Austin Whitfield

Year 3: Eadie Moffett

Year 4: Isabella Meredith

Year 5: Pixie-Belle Redmond

Year 6: Jack Clarke 

Following the School Rules & Making Positive Contributions - w/e 18.10.19

Foundation Stage: Zac Lilford

Year 1: Ava Evans

Year 2: On a Trip

Year 3: Tilly Rankin

Year 4: Isabella Cullen

Year 5: Libby Sewell

Year 6: Costandina Mallouris 

Progress in P.E. - w/e 04.10.19

Foundation Stage: Ava-Kay Whitfield

Year 1: Mati Kotarski

Year 2: Seth Mason

Year 3: Isabella Sinnott

Year 4: Elena Evans-Guillen

Year 5: Charlotte Pitteway

Year 6: Hannah Bate 

Improving Writing Skills - w/e 27.09.19

Foundation Stage: Sebastian Randle

Year 1: Grace Garrick

Year 2: Ewan Donnelly

Year 3: Holly Cahill

Year 4: Erica Burton

Year 5: Michael Nestor

Year 6: Jacob Robinson 

Working Hard to Develop Maths Skills - w/e 20.09.19

Foundation Stage: Luna Redmond

Year 1: Lyla Carr

Year 2: Nancy McWilliams

Year 3: Lauren Irving

Year 4: Isaac Abram

Year 5: Jack Roche

Year 6: Toni Wilcock 

A Positive Start to the New School Year - w/e 13.09.19

Foundation Stage: Saffie Darbyshire, Dexter Mason

Year 1: Braden Bradley

Year 2: Jonah Canavan, James Kelly

Year 3: Heidi Warburton

Year 4: Logan Taaffe

Year 5: Quinn Griffin

Year 6: India Redmond

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