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Memories from Past Pupils and Staff

On the evening of Friday 14th St. Peter's opened its doors to past pupils and staff. Everyone had a great time and shared food and drink, as well as memories they had of their time at St. Peter's.
Jenny Trantum:
The last eleven years of my working life were spent in St. Peter's school and they were truly the happiest. I feel so lucky to be part of the 'family'!
Charlotte Sankey (2002-09):
I have spent some of my happiest days here. My favourite memory is
playing 'Dodger' in the school show. Great teachers and happy days!
Anon (1974-80):
Mr Cunningham was my favourite teacher. I remember painting scenery for
the Christmas play, boys getting legs slapped, and the ruler! Happy days.
Anon (1974-80):
I was here from 1974-1980. I have lovely memories of my school days, although I didn't really enjoy the school dinners... Sloppy Semolina! In those days boys got their legs slapped if they were naughty by a certain teacher... Happy days!
Chris Atkin (1961-67):
Only 50 years since I was kicking cabbages
around the 'new' school playing field!
Shiela Green:
I have lovely memories of St. Peter's and still have the friendships I made
all those years ago. It is a wonderful school and part of the community.
Sue McWiliam:
So many happy memories of my time at St. Peter's! A wonderful school with a dedicated staff and wonderful children! Thanks for the happy years I spent here.
David Hatton:
Singing with Danny Cunningham. He took us to
our first football match; Everton v Sunderland!
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