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Science Week

Monday 13th March marked the start of National Science Week, and St. Peter’s embraced it, with the children being given lots of opportunities to take part in fun and exciting science investigations and workshops.

Science Videos

Mrs Lea shared some Science videos during her Monday afternoon assembly. All the children had great fun trying to sing along! How well can you do?

Science Song

Years 5 and 6 at Cardinal Newman

Year 5 and 6 visited Cardinal Newman High School and took part in two science workshops to help develop their investigative skills. One workshop investigated how adding mass to a spring affects its extension, while the second workshop helped the children to investigate the insulating properties of materials and plot cooling curves.

Science Investigations

Each class teacher planned a science investigation for their children to conduct. There were some great experiments, including making a skeleton out of dog biscuits, freezing a water balloon to see how matter can change from a liquid to a solid (and the other way round) and testing materials to see if they were waterproof. All the children had great fun, and loved the hands-on experiments. 

Forensic Science Workshop

Each class took part in a forensic science workshop where they had to investigate a crime scene. Emily, the forensic scientist, taught us how to look for clues to see who had committed the crime. We explored different types of finger prints and used this to link to a person, looking to see which patterns were similar. Next, we looked at footprints. We learnt that all footprints were different depending on a person’s height, weight and leg length. This evidence could help solve crimes and link to a person. Finally, we had to find a piece of evidence which would contain DNA, such as a toothbrush or hairbrush. We then used all this knowledge to find out who committed the crime!

MAD Science Assembly

MAD Science came in and held an assembly called ‘Energise It’, where we had the opportunity to take part in lots of different experiments. Tom explained how the Great Fire of London started, saying that flour is combustible. He demonstrated this by producing a very large flame! We discussed the difference between renewable fuels and fossil fuels. A few of us took part in an experiment showing how circuits worked and how the circuit passes the charge along. We did this by holding hands and ended up lighting a bulb! The assembly really showed us how exciting science can be.

MAD Science Workshops

Each class took part in a workshop led by MAD Science, with the activities being linked to their science curriculum. Reception looked at worms (yuck!). Year 1 learnt about water works. Year 2 made ‘Mad Mixtures’ and ended up producing slime! Year 3 took part in ‘Earthworks’ and had to use Jenga to make a building that would withstand an earthquake. Year 4 looked at various bugs, discussing their features and classifications. Year 5 took part in ‘Kitchen Chemistry’, and finally, Year 6 learnt about circuits and currents in ‘Current Events’. It was a jam-packed, fun day!

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