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Computing 3


The intent of our Computing curriculum is to develop a knowledge of key computational thinking and skills to become digitally literate. We encourage our children to ‘be computational’ by demonstrating a growing understanding of key concepts including, abstraction, logic, algorithms and how to represent data. Our children are encouraged to develop a confident and safe approach to Computing and the use of ICT, understanding the capabilities, flexibility and potential risks of resources. We know that children (and their parents) have high exposure to social media and mobile devices are part of their everyday lives. We teach our children how to deal with their emotions and how to stay safe online through promoting positive use of social media. With the knowledge that Computing will continue to play a significant role in the children’s life in school, at home and in their lives after St. Peter’s, we ensure that Computing provides transferrable life skills, for our children to become responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology, in the future. It needs to reflect the skills that children might and will need in life and should represent a balance of careers that are traditional, careers that are related to a rapidly changing technological society and careers that have not been invented yet.

Computing Vocabulary


In Eary Years Foundation Stage Computing comes under the skill 'Understanding the World'. This charts a child's development from birth until they enter the National Curriculum in Year 1. Please see the document below which outlines the children's stages of development in this area.

Whole School Curriculum Overview and Progression of Skills

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