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Mrs H Lea - Headteacher

Mrs H. Lea - Headteacher, Safeguarding Team

Angela Farrelly(2)

Mrs A. Farrelly - Office & Premises Manager, Safeguarding Team

Rachel O'Hara

Mrs R. O'Hara - Admin Assistant

Mrs S Wharton - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Wharton - Reception Class Teacher

Mrs J Rowlinson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Rowlinson - Reception Class Teaching Assistant

Miss M Fallon - Class Teacher

Miss M. Fallon - Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs W Kelly - Teaching Assistant

Mrs W. Kelly - Year 1 Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Rutty - Class Teacher

Mrs H. Rutty - Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs K Caldwell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Caldwell - Year 2 Class Teaching Assistant

Joanne Watmough

Mrs J. Watmough - Year 2 Class Teaching Assistant

Miss F Arands - Class Teacher

Miss F. Arands - Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs J Hassall - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Hassall - Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss C Bedworth - Class Teacher

Miss C. Bedworth - Year 4 Class Teacher, SENCO

Suzanne Proctor

Mrs S. Proctor - Year 4 Class Teaching Assistant

S Hampson

Mrs R. Hampson - Teaching Assistant and Mid-day Assistant

Mr A Tinsley - Class Teacher

Mr A. Tinsley - Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs C Cushnie - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Cushnie - Year 5 Teaching Assistant, Safegurading Team

  Sharon Davies(1)

Mrs S. Davies - Year 6 Class Teacher, Acting Deputy

Miss J Buckley - Teaching Assistant

Miss J. Buckley - Year 6 Class Teaching Assistant

Amy Norris(1)

Mrs A. Norris - Year 1 Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)

K Stacey

Mrs K. Stacey - Teaching Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Cath Newton(1)

Mrs K. Newton - Mid-day Assistant

Adena Allen

Mrs A. Allen - Mid-day Assistant

J Statham

Mr J. Stather - Caretaker

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