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Year 5 Science at Newman

On Friday morning, four of our Year 5 children visited Cardinal Newman to take part in a Science morning. While there, they made water filteration systems using plastic bottles, cotton wool and a charcoal, coffee, rock and sand filter. They poured very dirty water, containing large and small particles, into their filters and then moved on to their next activity, while they waited for the water to filter through.

One of their favourite activities was designing and making a rocket, using balloons, card and string. They sellotaped card onto a blown-up balloon which wasn't tied, around a piece of string which was hung like a washing line. When they let go of the balloon, it zoomed towards the model moon on the otherside of the room.

Using batteries, salt dough, a light and wires, the children made electric circuits. They explained that they had to use salt dough because it is the only dough that conducts electricity. They then investigated static electricity and had to use a balloon to pick up paper newts. One of their favourite things about the day, was making the balloons static by rubbing it on their jumper.

They had a great morning and can't wait for next years Sciecne Week already.

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