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At St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, we encourage our pupils to think and write creatively, be adventurous with their use of language and to write with clear purpose and for pleasure. In order for these aims to be realised, it is essential that our pupils learn the knowledge and skills to spell accurately. Children who can spell feel confident and are able to write with enjoyment. We want our pupils to be equipped with the knowledge and range of strategies for learning spelling and to be able to apply their strategies when spelling words in their independent writing. We want our pupils to enjoy exploring and investigating the patterns and contradictions of the English language and we encourage them to take delight in what they discover. We offer the children a spelling curriculum that is designed too:

  • Make the partnership between ‘phonics’ teaching and ‘spelling strategies’ explicitly clear.
  • Systematically build up children’s understanding and knowledge of the relationship between letters and sounds.
  • Enthuse and engage children to explore spelling strategies through practical and hands on taught sessions.
  • Teach the children to make links between alternative pronunciation and spelling, so that they can make informed opinions on spelling choices.
  • Equip children with a range of skills and approaches to tackle the spelling of unfamiliar words.
  • Give children the confidence to communicate and use words.

Phonics and Spelling in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

At St. Peter's we follow the ‘Little Wandle’ phonics scheme. Please see the separate phonics page for more indepth detail.

Spelling in Key Stage 2

At St. Peter's to teach spellings we follow the No Nonsense spelling scheme.

Below are statutory words that the children are expected to know by the end of each year. Please take some time to review these.

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