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Woolston Schools Cross Country Tournament

On the evening of Tuesday 12th March, St. Peter's hosted a cross country relay tournament between the three Woolston schools. We were extremely lucky as the weather had been horrendous all day, but it cleared up in time for everyone to run - even if it was still quite windy!

There were three races- Year 1 and 2 mixed, Year 3 and 4 mixed and Year 5 and 6 mixed. Year 1 and 2 started the racing, with four children in each team running around the track once, passing the baton on to each other. Year 3 and 4 had a slightly longer race, running around the track and the playground once, where as Year 5 and 6 had to run around the track twice!

All the children gave it their all, and their effort and determination couldn't be faulted. The children's tea,work and sportsmanship was second to none. Every school had teams finish either first, second or third, and these teams were presented with a certificate each for their achievement.

There could only be one overall winner though. It was tense as Mrs Lea gave out the results, but we were all delighted to hear St. Peter's announced as the overall winners of the tournament!

We can't wait for next year when we host the tournament again!

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