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Eco Council

In 2023, rather than pick two children out of each class to be on our Eco-Council we created an after school club where any child from Year 2 to Year 6 could volunteer to stay after school one night a week and help look after our world. They are called the St Peter's Planet Protectors. 

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Litter Picking and Spotting Wild flowers May 2024

The Planet Protectors picked up the litter from around the school and while they were in the school grounds they found some wild flowers growing. These included:Red Campion, Forget Me Nots, Ribwort Plantain, Germander Speedwell, Creeping Buttercup, Welsh Poppies, Herb Robert, Spanish Bluebells and Grape Hyacinth. 

Cleaning up the outdoor areas

Putting up posters around school to encourage everyone to help save our planet

Making Bird Feeders October 2023

Litter Picking October 2023

How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint?

The Eco Council have been completing a quiz to see how big their carbon (eco) footprint is - this the impact they have on the planet. You could take the quiz too and see if you are an eco-star or whether you could do more to look after the world we live in. 


Litter Picking October 2022

In Eco afterschool club the Eco Council and friends went round the school grounds collecting litter. They were amazed at how much they collected. 

Autumn 2022

During the autumn term the Eco Council have made bird feeders and put them in the school grounds. When they checked them, they were thrilled to find holes where the birds had enjoyed a snack. They have also tided up the school planters. 

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