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Eco Council


The Eco Councillors planted winter flowering pansies, weeded the Prayer Garden and cleared leaves to improve our school grounds. 

And this is what our pansies look like now!


Eco Code

We have created our own eco code to help everyone in the school to look after our world. 



Eco Club

In the summer term, the children have been taking part in an Eco and Gardening Club after school. They have been looking after the plants and also found a home for our new bug hotel - a request from the school council. 

One of the children in Foundation Stage grew some sunflowers at home and kindly brought one into school, which he planted in the Eco Council planter. 

Platinum Jubilee Tree

The Eco Council and Eco Club have planted a tree to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.


We have new recycling bins on the playground and have made an action plan in school to try and recycle as much as we can. 

Prayer Garden and Planters

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