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Parish and Community


'Parishioners join the school community to celebrate Masses, assemblies and other celebrations and take part in school life in a variety of ways.'

The Parish Priest and Deacon visit the school to support the religious life and are often involved in the Come and See programme. Father Gildea often comes in and talks to pupils, who  are always eager to talk to him and take part in activities he suggests. 

St. Peter's has strong links to both its Parish and Community. Staff and Pupils regularly visit Woolston Hall to take part in events with the residents, including Carol Singing and Wii Bowling!

We have strong links with our feeder high school, Cardinal Newman. We take part in events such as maths challenges and sport events at the school, which are often organised by Cardinal Newman pupils, and are also visited by staff to promote music, drama and writing.

St. Peter's support many local, national and international charities. Please look under the charities tab for further information

Mass Times

Usual Mass Times:












Please Note: Times of weekday masses can vary depending on availabilty of clergy and days of obligation

For current mass times and dedications please click on the following link. This Weeks Mass Times

J. Gildea

Father John Gildea is our Parish Priest.

He celebrated his 50th Jubilee of being ordained a Priest in June 2013.

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Message from Father Gildea

Christian Schools aim to educate the whole person - totally.

Since people have spiritual, academic and physical needs a school should try to develop all these needs. St. Peter's succeeds in all three.

I am always uplifted when I go into our school. The children are delightful. Their academic results are outstanding but more fulfillingare their manners, their attitude and their ethics; all contributing to rounded personalities.

St. Peter's parish and St. Peter's school work well together. This includes academia, social events, liturgy and sacramental programmes.

The overall feeling is one of joy and happiness. As the head teacher says, "A day without laughter is a day wasted!"

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