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Vocabulary Day

On Friday 15th February, St. Peter's held a vocabulary day. Each class had lots of different activities based around vocabulary.

Foundation Stage read The Cat in the Hat and then thought of other words that rhymed with hat. They then made a sentece about the cat and their alternative words, such as the cat on the mat and the cat had a bat. They also had to describe the meaning of a word to a friend, without using the word, and see if their friend could guess what the word was.

Year 1 wrote sentences containg words that began with un-. There were a lot of unhappy and uncool people in their class!

Year 2 were making words within a word. The phrase they started with was 'Alice in Wonderland'. They then had to think of as many words that could make using those letters. They also made their own word searches based on Alice in Wonderland and asked their friends to solve them.

Year 3 worked on their dictionary skills. They had a list of incorrectly spelled words, which they had to use a dictionary to correct, and then had to write the definition.

Year 4 had loads of different activities going on! When they first came in they were given a word. They had to find the definition and then think of two made up definitions for that word. They then asked a friend to pick from the three definitions which they thought was correct. They also had a sheet of emojis and had to think of more interesting words to describe the feelings that were shown. One of their favourite activities was writing an interesting sentence based on 3 emojis. They had a list of 'banned' words and had to be really imaginative. One of the class wrote 'Full of excitement, a woman saw an apparition of people sprinting out of a cottage.' Have a look through our image gallery and see if you can work out what emojis were used!

Year 5 were thinking about vocabulary in music. They analysed the words in the lyrics, including 'We Are the Champions' by Queen and 'F.E.A.R.' by Ian Brown, and investigated their meanings and whether there were any hidden messages within the song. They discussed how these words can tell a story and evoke a certain emotion.

Year 6 looked at spoonerisms, palindromes and oxymorons, as well as playing the game 'Call My Bluff' with words and meanings that the children had researched at home.

All the children had a great day and some of the vocabulary that they were using was great! We can't wait to see what next years vocabulary day brings.

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