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Let Your Light Shine Festival

On Friday 21st St. Peter's held their 'Let Your Light Shine' festival. Despite it pouring down during the day, and most of the teachers looking rather worried, by the time the start of the festival rolled around, it was dry. (Mrs Lea's 'Stop the Rain Dance' must have worked!)

Reception opened the festival by signing and dancing to True Colours/Can’t Stop the Feeling from Trolls.

Year 4 were up next playing their Ukuleles & Glockenspiels to Octopus’s Garden, as well as singing We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday.

Year 2's band 'The Bucket Gang' drummed on buckets to We Will Rock You, Yellow Submarine and Funky House.

Year 3 played their recorders to Mambo No. 5 and sang & Anywhere and Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon.

Year 1 were ‘Super Scientists’ and sang Oh Dear My Socks Are Smelly, Could An Elephant Live In A Nest and Pooh Detectives.

Year 6's band were called 'Drum Nation ' and drummed to Uptown Funk, All Star and No Excuses.

Year 5 closed the class performances with their Gospel singing, singing to Movin' On Up and When You Believe.

The whole school then sang and danced to 'This is Me'.

To close the festival, everyone sang Shine and Rule the World, which was then followed by a firework display.

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