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St. Peter's Award

Here at St. Peter's, we have introduced a new award for you all to work towards and have fun whilst completing. The St. Peter’s Award gives you the chance to take on your own challenges, follow your own interests and perhaps discover talents that you never knew you had.

The St. Peter’s Award helps young people improve self-confidence, develop key interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving, as well as helping to build sustainable and healthy living habits. Children can take on their own challenges, follow their passions and discover new talents.

Everyone’s award journey is unique but it’s always an adventure. You can choose your own path. From football to baking, biking to singing. The possibilities are endless. What’s more you will make memories and achieve things that will stay with you forever.

The St. Peter's Award will run in a 6 monthly cycle, with the first cycle beginning at the end of January and running until July 1st.  We hope as many children as possible will take part in this award.

Please see the documents below for information on the St. Peter's Award, guidance for uploading evidence to Seesaw, and of course, the all important enrolment form. If you would like a paper copy of the enrolment form, please ask your class teacher.

St. Peter's Award Evidence

Below are some examples that children have uploaded as part of their Bronze St. Peter's Award. We are amazed at all the work the children have put in so far, keep it up!

My Interests

Yesterday, my big sister brought her graphics tablet and her laptop to show me. Comic artists, like my Auntie, use graphics tablets to create their digital art and make comics. I had my first try of drawing some of my Spiderman comics using this. It took a while to get used to controlling the pen, but it was lots of fun. The last picture shows my finished result, I was able to draw Spiderman flying through the air shooting his webs. I drew his eyes and the spider on his chest. I spent 45 minutes using this.

Me and My World


My brother and I went litter picking on a path we walk to school and then went on a trip to the tip. This took 2.5 hrs.

Experience and Culture


Today we attended mass at St. Oswald's Church, which is our local church, where we prayed and did some writing and drawing on the children's activity sheet.

Get Active, Stay Active


I joined the football club on last Friday. I practiced for 45mins.

St. Peter's Award Team

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