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School Council


Autumn 2021

During the autumn term, the School Council have had the opportunity to put forward their ideas for how to improve our school. The ideas that have been actioned or are in the process of being actioned are: 

  • more skipping ropes for KS2 
  • varied brain breaks in the afternoon for Y2
  • football pitches to be moved further away from the climbing frames so stray balls are less likely to hit children playing
  • some older children in Y5 have formed a Stay Safe Team for younger children to talk to when they have a concern but don't want to talk to a grown up. 


Spring Term 2022

During the spring term, the School Council have made more suggestions for how we can continue to improve our school. These include:

  • a chill out zone on the field with colouring/puzzle books, plants and cushions
  • Fun Friday lunchtimes with music
  • wormery or bug hotel
  • mirror for the Year 3/4 boys toilets

Summer Term 2022

We have continued to work on our Chill Out Zone. The board has been painted with blackboard paint and we have a trolley we can wheel out each day with chalks, colouring books and pens. The bug hotel has also been placed in the Chill Out Zone. 

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