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Speak Out, Stay Safe

On this page you will find various resources and information to help you keep your child safe, both online and in the world today, and from sexual abuse. Children also have a dedicated tab called 'Keeping Myself Safe' under the Pupil Information tab.

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Tips and advice to help keep your kids safe

Talk PANTS is a simple conversation to help keep your child safe from sexual abuse. It helps children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried. Below is a video you may wish to watch with your children from the NSPCC about keeping children safe.


The talk PANTS guide for parents



P Privates are private. Your underwear covers up your private parts and no one should ask to see or touch them. Sometimes a doctor, nurse or family

          members might have to. But they should always explain why, and ask you if it's OK first.

A   Always remember your body belongs to you. Your body belongs to you. No one should ever make you do things that make you feel embarrassed or

          uncomfortable. If someone asks to see or tries to touch you underneath your underwear say 'NO' – and tell someone you trust and like to speak to.

N   No means no. No means no and you always have the right to say ‘no’ – even to a family member or someone you love. You’re in control of your body and

          the most important thing is how YOU feel. If you want to say ‘No’, it’s your choice.

T    Talk about secrets that upset you. There are good and bad secrets. Good secrets can be things like surprise parties or presents for other people. Bad

          secrets make you feel sad, worried or frightened. You should tell an adult you trust about a bad secret straight away.

S   Speak up, someone can help. Talk about stuff that makes you worried or upset. If you ever feel sad, anxious or frightened you should talk to an adult you

          trust. This doesn't have to be a family member. It can also be a teacher or a friend's parent – or even Childline.

When's the right time to talk PANTS?

  • bathtime, applying cream or when getting your child dressed 
  • car journeys
  • going swimming and saying that what's covered by swimwear is private
  • during a TV show that features a sensitive storyline
  • singing along to the PANTS song with Pantosaurus
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