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Anti-Bullying Week

National Anti-Bullying Week began on November 11th this year and each class took part, thinking of ways that we can combat bullying and make the world a nicer, kinder place for everyone to live in.

Reception took part in a discussion circle, saying how they thought they could treat others kindly, learnt about WWII and how people gave their lives to help make the world a better place and also made a canvas promoting friendship, which they gave to Woolston C of E to promote friendship within the community.

Year 1 wrote thought about things that they liked and respected about the children in their class and then wrote a compliment about someone and presented them on their compliments wall.

Year 2 made friendship bracelets and took them over to Woolston C.P. to share with the Year 2 children there.

Year 3 discussed how people can be hurt by words just as much as someone being physical towards them. They had an apple that they said mean things to. It looked shiny and red on the outside but when it was cut open, the inside was all brown. This helped them to realise that just because someone looks happy and ok on the outside, it doesn't mean they feel that way on the inside. They then pulled a random name of a classmate out of a box and wrote something nice about them.

Year 4 concentrated on equality, including gender equality and discussed how everyone is equal.

Year 6 focused on the theme 'When does banter turn into bullying'. They discussed how banter is ok as long as both people are ok with what is being said, but if one person is upset by it and the other person carries on, it can turn into bullying. They then role-played various situations which showed this.

The whole school made a friendship chain, writing on each link how they could help make the world a kinder, happier, more tolerant place. All children also took part in Odd Sock Day and discussed how even though we all look different, we are all the same on the inside and all equal.

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