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History 5


The intention of our History curriculum is to develop a knowledge of key historical concepts and facts, through the study of significant historical periods, which have had a lasting impact on our lives on a global, national and local level. We want our children to build up a broad and balanced understanding of the world that develops their skills to become inquisitive historians. We want our children to know about the history of their local area as well as the wider world and the different people who lived in it. We want our children to know about where places are, when events took place and why they happened. This includes a knowledge of Britain’s past and our place in the world, all of which helps us to understand the challenges in our own time.


School Trips


Knowledge Organisers

Please click on the documents below for an example of the History Knowledge Organisers that the children use for each topic throughout the year.

History Vocabulary


In Eary Years Foundation Stage History comes under the skill 'Understanding the World'. This charts a child's development from birth until they enter the National Curriculum in Year 1. Please see the document below which outlines the children's stages of development in this area.

Whole School Curriculum Overview and Progression of Skills

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