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Prayer Resources

Please click on the image below to be taken to the Liverpool Archdiocese website where you will find links and resoucres that you and your family can use to support prayer and well-being.

Please find general resources from the Archdiocese by clicking the image below.

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St. Peter's Prayer Group

On the second Thursday of each month at 7:30pm, there will be St. Peter's and St. Michael's Parish prayer/worship group!

This will be happening on Zoom and will be around 30 minutes. Please feel free to join us! It will give us the chance to worship as a community. Come, listen, see and share.

Please click on the image below to join, or join via the link on the St. Peter's and St. Michael's Parish website.


The Gospel of Mark

Reflect on Mark's Gospel through 2021 with parishioners from the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Voices from the Archdiocese share what has struck them in the Gospel of Mark as we follow the Lectionary for Year B, and prompt us to delve deeper.


Year 6 Advent Prayers 2020

Advent Prayers

Mission Together

Welcome to Mission Together: the children’s branch of Missio! We are  the Catholic Church’s official children’s charity for overseas mission. We’re proud to be the Pope’s own charity for mission, working with teachers and students in England and Wales to ignite God’s love around the world. We offer appealing and easy- to-use resources to help you and your children pray, fundraise and raise awareness of mission.

Mission Together

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Together in Campaigns - Myanmar

Mission Together

Prayer Resources

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Home-Schooling Resources

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