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Technologies and it's uses are growing at an ever increasing rate, and never before have children had access to it as immediately as they do now. Children are becoming more technologically capable and aware at younger and younger ages, and it's important that they are educated about how to keep safe. With the reliance on technology, remote learning and video chat during Lockdown, it has become apparent, now more than ever, that we need to educate and keep our children safe while they are using the internet and the various technologies associated with it. St. Peter's will continue to teach e-safety alongside our Computing curriculum and will continue to use remote learning where necessary, especially if a class need to self-isolate.

Parents/ guardians must make sure that children are supervised whilst using the internet to ensure that they are only accessing content that is appropriate to them. It is also advisable that parental controls are enabled on any devices and your internet provider. Children have recieved e-safety lessons in school and should be aware of how to keep themselves safe online and what to do if they don't feel safe, or view something inappropraite.

  • Remember the SMART rules.
  • Never share your passwords with others.
  • Tell an adult immediately if you see something that you know is wrong or are uncomfortable with.
  • Never give out personal or identifying information to people you do not know on the internet.
  • Only upload school work to the agreed platforms. (SeeSaw, Tapestry, Google Classroom)
  • Only use the Zoom chat for answering questions from your teacher, or to communictae with your teacher or teaching assistants.
SMART Rules Internet Safety
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