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Information to Support Remote Learning

After the success of the Home-Learning during Lockdown and how well the children used technology to support them with their learning, St. Peter's have made a decision to embrace remote and virtual learning, in class, for homework and in readiness for if schools were again forced to shut.

Gmail Accounts:

All children have been assigned a gmail account to use for remote learning. These accounts are only to be used for school use and can be monitored from school. Please talk to your child about appropriate use.

Google Classroom:

All children have been given a gmail account (this information can be found in their Reading Records) which they are to use to access Google Classroom for their year group. Most children are familiar with the workings of Google Classroom, as it has already been utilised for learning within school. For support on how to access Google Classroom and how it works, please watch the videos of Mr Tinsley below.

To further develop the children's confidence using Google Classroom, all classes have been assigned homework over the holidays, which is based on learning that they may have missed in their previous year group due to Lockdown. This homework will either be Science based, or one of the foundation subjects. Please login to Google Classroom to see this.


If you require any further help with Google Classroom, please contact your child's class teacher via the year group email address.

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